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How to Mix and Match Suits for 'The New Formal'

Your Guide To Suit Separates 2022

Monday 11 Apr 2022


Matching suits have taken a back seat. Enter suit separates – the new formal attire for guys. Mixing and matching pieces introduces a whole new realm of styling options, giving you more opportunities to experiment. The best part? Putting an outfit together is much easier than you think. Let’s dive in. 

Featuring a suit seperate combination
What are suit seperates?

Suit separates are exactly what they sound like: separating a jacket and trousers into different colours and/or textures. Discerning menswear connoisseurs may also recognise this style of dress as spezzato – an Italian word meaning broken. It’s an effortless look that combines both business and pleasure, and should be a staple rotation in your wardrobe. There aren’t any strict rules for matching suit separates, but here are some ideas to help you look your best on all occasions.



The Statement Look

Statement look featuring the textured chocolate window pane blazer

A blazer and chinos are like gin and tonic – a tried and tested combination. Drop the tie and flex your innerwear with prints as your statement piece. If you’re combining tops and bottoms within the same colour ballpark, make sure you’ve got an element of difference separating the two – bonus points if contrasting textures are involved. This look uses a chocolate textured windowpane blazer paired with brown slim-fit chinos. The palette allows the black cotton paisley shirt – with its matching hand-drawn prints – to rise to the forefront. Add a pair of brown or black leather shoes, and you’ve got a relaxed, yet dapper outfit that’s good for any event.

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The Casual Tailored Look 

Tailored look featuring a brown cotton polo matched with grey tailored pants

When you’re matching pieces, make sure you’re choosing similar fits. If you’re wearing a slim polo top, stick to slim-fitting chinos. Also, don’t hesitate to leave the suit jacket at home – a clean polo shirt can be all you need, especially in warmer weather. Flexibility is the name of the game for this outfit. This look pairs a cotton polo with lightweight tailored pants. This polo top sports beige accents to contrast the dark brown, while the grey marle pants provide a neutral canvas for your choice of footwear colours.

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Dressed Down Tailoring 

Featuring a crisp two-piece suit in off-white, coupled with a pristine white tee. Featuring a crisp two-piece suit in off-white, coupled with a pristine white tee.

Let’s dispel the myth here: yes, you can wear a tee with a suit. While not exactly mix and match per se, a tailored, dressed down look still ticks all the boxes: style, comfort, and class.


Blending a two-piece suit with a crew neck makes for the perfect combination of work and play. This look features a crisp two-piece suit in off-white, coupled with a pristine white tee. This outfit is all about minimalism while staying chic – perfect for both sunny outdoor dining and late-night drinks at the bar. 

Bradley Mcleannan
Cut & Sew Designer

Bradley Mclennan has worked in the fashion industry for over 11 years, gaining experience in menswear, womenswear, kidswear, and intimates. As a seasoned Designer, he is passionate about advancing sustainability and pushing the boundaries of print and pattern. Outside of the office, Bradley enjoys interior design, jazz music, and renovating.