Of course, sometimes white can be a little too minimalist.

Our collection of patterned shirts is designed to give a little lift to whatever you’re wearing. The key to pulling them off? Skip the tie, and keep the rest of your accessories simple. No, the winter weather doesn’t dip dramatically in Australia – but you’re still going to want a layer for single-digit mornings. Our modern tailoring knits are textural, lightweight and perfect for layering.

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Our favourite look right now? Smart separates.

It’s the way to maximise all of your suit styles. The mood of the moment is taking a tailored suit jacket and pairing it with sharp casual trousers. It’s easier than you might think. Your favourite chinos? Sure. Your prized denim? Even better. When you balance the smart with the casual, good things happen to your style.

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Every now and then, consider it your duty to mix-up your suiting with some luxe sneakers, or polished loafers.

A tailored suit jacket, smart denim and box-fresh white sneakers? Your new Friday uniform.

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