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Meet Cameron Robbie 


Thursday, 5th August 2021

By Politix Marketing Team

When he was younger, actor Cameron Robbie was just like everybody else. A little awkward and unsure about what he wore. As the youngest of four, Cameron always had hand-me-downs. At the time, he hated it. But with hindsight, Cameron sees that these experiences shaped who he is. Cameron learnt to be creative with his style – and that he was never going to be limited to one look. 


01Cameron x Politix 


Collaborating with Cameron for his ‘Your Style, Your Way’ campaign, we wanted to capture his hunger for mixing things up.

“If I’m playing one character at work, my personal style tends to bounce in the other direction. I have a need to explore – to grow.”

When Cameron went into one of our stores to grab a tie, he was inspired by our products.

“I couldn’t believe the range they had. That diversity really lets you experiment with your looks.”

It’s that sense of exploration that our work with Cameron is all about. As human beings, we’re not one dimensional, and style should let us tell our complete story.



02Cameron Robbie ‘Your Style Your Way’ Campaign 


“I would say I have a clean, simple style, but I like to add a touch of character or twist to every look. I want my style to reflect how I’m feeling – who I am that day.”

Cameron Robbie -Main Cameron Robbie -Main



Bold is about those days when everything is going right – and you get a burst of fresh energy. A suit always does that for Cameron. He likes a vibrant colour that pops.

YSYW Bold YSYW Bold Mobile



Even actors have their shy moments. Cameron recommends a slick overshirt to lift your confidence.

YSWY Shy Deskptop YSYW Cameron Robbie Shy



Moody is about the mysterious elements in us all and raising people’s attention. For Cameron, a black turtleneck says effortlessly cool.

YSWY Cameron Robbie Moody YSWY Cameron Robbie Moody



The spicy look says you’re putting yourself out there and having fun. When Cameron’s heading out for the night, pumped for the weekend, he reaches for a patterned shirt.

YSYW Cameron Robbie Spicy YSYW Cameron Robbie Spicy



When Cameron’s ready for the red carpet, he’s polished in a velvet tux. It’s perfect for the times you need to feel fresh.

denim trucker jacket mens outfit YSYW Cameron Robbie Polished



Calm is about looking good and relaxing. Cameron likes to kick back in an olive cotton co-ord.

YSWY Cameron Robbie Calm YSWY Cameron Robbie Calm



The imperfect look is all about mixing and matching. Formal? Casual? Why pick one when you can be both?

Picking the right outfit for the right moment means confidence. You feel like you’re ready to take on the world. We want men to know that they can try different looks. Experiment and find styles that suit them. Dress to match your occasion (or just to match your vibe). Find what works and make it your own.


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