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The Best Heavyweight Men's Knightwear Styles


Thursday, 29 April 2021

By Debbie Zhong, Junior Designer

All you need to know to layer up this winter

Winter is coming, and that means knitwear. Soft knit hoodies, snug cardigans and chunky weave sweaters all over the place. We’ve got everything you need to keep warm—and stay cool—this season.
Our knits are spun from soft, natural cotton fibres. They’re made to be layered over tees and under jackets, an easy upgrade with endless versatility. You can throw knitwear over tailoring or jeans, chinos or shorts. And with a little bit of extra care, your knit jumpers can easily last for years.

We’ve gone big on autumnal tones this year: all those greens, tans, khakis and greys. Want to add a bit of sophistication to your outfit? Throw a fisherman’s cable knit over the top of a casual, checked shirt. The extra layer adds tonal texture and character (not to mention stacks of warmth).
We’ve rounded up our go-to knitwear pieces below. Every style, every colour and every cut you’re going to need this winter. Throw some marshmallows on the fire and let’s get cracking.

blue mens long sleeve knitwear blue mens long sleeve knitwear


Tailored Texture Knitwear Layering

grey weighted knit jumper and suit jacket combo'

We’re bringing extra warmth this year with a new range of weighted knits. These guys are thicker and softer than your standard knit jumper. They’re made from a special honeycomb stitch and flecked cotton yarn (and who doesn’t love a good yarn?). With regular fit, for extra comfort, tonal knits are a classic modern winter look.
So how do you wear them?
Well, smart casual outfits are where knits can really shine. After work drinks, weekend events, even around the office. Our heavier knits fit snuggly underneath a tonal, slim-suit jacket, and you can add some texture with a utility-inspired wool fleck coat. The trick is building up the layers, messing with textures, and keeping the shades pretty close together.
And of course, all our knits support the Better Cotton Initiative.


02 The Fishermans Cable Knit


The fisherman’s knit sweater goes way, way back, all the way to Irish fishermen, whose wives would knit them hard-wearing wool sweaters to keep out the cold. The Aran stitches are believed to give good luck to the wearer. Fast forward to the 20th century, when the cable knit was made famous by the effortlessly cool Steve McQueen.
As good as cable crew knits can look, they’re also functional. The weave is breathable, so you can layer-up in cold weather, and stay cool when the sun comes out. It’s also got a slightly loose profile, for a more casual vibe. For colours, we kept things simple: navy and beige will match pretty much any outfit.
This sweater can be worn with anything, too. Chuck it underneath an overshirt, a Trucker jacket, a wool coat, or layer over a simple white tee. Cable knit sweaters also make killer presents—definitely a step up from your standard jumper.

white cable knit white cable knit


The Aviator Half Zip Up Sweater

Aviator tan knit

The half-zip is probably the most simple and versatile knit style. With a high funnel neck, it’s not too casual or too dressy, so you can wear it almost anywhere. That neck also gives you the choice to wrap-up tight against the cold, or throw it open when the weather warms up.
With its zip detail and rib-knitted texture, you can easily layer this guy over a tee or polo shirt, or under a thick wool coat. The cut is pretty roomy, but it won’t bulk-out your outfit.
Warm tan is our colour preference for the Aviator. Throw it over your favourite jeans and sneakers, chuck on a t-shirt, and bam, you’ve got yourself an outfit. Don’t forget to roll the sleeves slightly—that’s always a killer look.

shop knitwear


The Fashion Jacquard Knit

Monotone jacquard cable knit with grey jacket

The Jacquard knit is more of a statement sweater, built for layering. Anyone looks good in that classic, tonal, herringbone pattern, peeking out from inside a sharp wool coat. This is a mid-weight knit, so it’s not too bulky, but it’ll also keep you nice and warm. A contrast ribbed hem gives this jumper some edge. It’s an easy layer choice, but you can also wear it straight-up as a pullover crew-neck hoodie.
Again, you want to think tones and textures here. Jacquard is pretty loud, so keep the rest of your outfit simple: charcoal greys, blacks, tans and navies.
We cut this guy slim, for a more tailored look, so you can also wear it over a shirt. Just throw on some black jeans and Chelsea boots, and you’ve nailed that dark-and-brooding vibe.

shop knitwear

05 The Quilted Tech Knit Bomber


We’ve spent the last few years tinkering with the classic knit design. And this guy is the result. Some days aren’t cold enough for a puffer jacket or wool coat, and that’s where our hybrid zip-up knit bomber comes in. It’s got a quilted, padded front panel (for extra extra warmth and structure), plus cotton sleeves, neck and hem (for breathability). It’s the perfect in-between knit: light, warm and tailored.
The hybrid knit bomber is great for nipping down to the milkbar, or kicking around the house when it’s cold. The quilted pattern already stands out, so keep the rest of the outfit pretty simple: maybe just a casual shirt and chinos or jeans. The cotton bits are sturdy and easy to care for, and the zip means you can throw it on before you zoom out the door.

Navy and khaki knitwear jumper flatlay Navy and khaki knitwear jumper flatlay

Debbie Zhong, Junior Designer

Working with the Designer on casual categories that form the foundations of the Politix range with that all important print and colour is Deb. It has been a busy 4 years and counting at Politix. Bringing to life unconventional patterns, prints and colour; her curiosity and attention to detail shall never be quenched.