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5 Sharp Mens Shirts You
Should Have In Your Wardrobe

Friday 14 December 2019

Great style starts with a sharp shirt. We’ll let you in on the 5 mens shirt styles you’ll ever need to always be best dressed, for every occasion.

There’s one thing that’ll have your back through all of life’s occasions: a great shirt. Your first formal to the lucky first dates, red carpet party nights to your special “I Do” day. The right shirt will see you rise up to the occasion every time.

Lucky for us, our designers have done all of the hard work to craft mens dress shirts that are slicker than your average. You can kick back because here are the 5 freshest shirt styles you’ll ever need, for every dress code you’ll want to look sharp for.



The Modern Office Shirt

The new mood for 9-to-5 is cool and contemporary. It’s high time to give your mens business shirts a boost of modern design and personality.

Great mens business shirts look and feel fresh even after the millionth time you put them on. Moreover, the right shirt will be ready for anything the boss throws at you, no sweat. Not to mention a shirt that’ll style effortlessly on-the-go for those mornings you’ve pressed snooze too many times.

Thankfully, the perfect business shirt is not the stuff of dreams. Our modern tailoring shirts dress you sharp for the job you want, as well as striding fresh for the job you have. Oh, and for the martinis afterwards too. Here’s how:

1. Unexpected fabric finishes

Mens work shirts are essential, but that doesn’t mean basic. Mix it up with surface textures and silky finishes. Not to mention the high quality yarns that give our mens business shirts a soft hand feel. Try our Kew shirt, which is 100% Australian cotton, perfect to mix and match with any suit.

2. Collars crafted for sharp lines

There’s nothing worse than a wimpy collar. Our button down shirt collars sit strong under your blazer or stand up nicely on their own.

3. Slim and Relaxed fits

Never worry about puffy shirts again. Our tailored shirt fits bring versatility along with the clean lines of modern tailoring.

4. Longer shirt lengths

The difference-maker that’ll mean your shirts tuck in easily and flawlessly. You can thank us later.

How to maximise your style with mens business shirts:

We’re all about maximising your work week wardrobe with minimal effort. To do this, pair mens work shirts with our Modern Tailoring collection. It features soft tailored suits, textured blazers and sleek jackets, all crafted with crisp designs along with relaxed versatility that’ll make your Monday to Friday style a breeze.



The Business to Bar Shirt

Multitasking at its most stylish. This is how you can impress both your boss and your date in one winning shirt.

Style smarter not harder. For those days where you need to flex both business and bar attire, let your shirt do all the talking. What separates standard mens work shirts to a hero business to bar shirt is bespoke detailing. All eyes will be on you with the unexpected pops of colour, print and design of bespoke shirts for men.

At POLITIX, our supreme attention to detail brings sophistication from the boardroom to your dinner reservations. Take a closer look:

Inner collar details

Contrast fabrics so you can lose the tie and stir up some interest.

Unique buttons

All designed in-house for button down shirt detail that you won’t see anywhere else.

Contrast inner sleeve cuff

Sleeves up or down, flip your cuff to reveal a different side to your sartorial personality.

Rounded hems

Step it up with a shirt tuck, or play it cool with the shirt out. Rounded hems have got business to bar covered.

Contrast thread colours

It’s the unexpected details that’s the charm.

Fresh prints

King of the office or the dancefloor, bold colours and modern patterns deliver a hero look.

Our favourite way to stride mens dress shirts from corporate to cocktail hour.

Imagine a wardrobe where you can throw on any shirt-pant-jacket combo and walk out the door sharp. We’re not Santa Claus, but our bespoke separates has all your wardrobe wishes come true.

Bespoke separates means you can mix and match sizes, colours and styles to your heart's content. No matter how late you woke up or how late you’re going out, you can style up in a winning suit or blazer look in a jiffy.



The Friday Night Shirt

For those times where average just won’t cut it. Think bold colours, stand out prints and luxe fabrics; shirts for men crafted especially for party times and party people.

It’s always Friday somewhere in the world, right? Let the good times roll any night of the week with a fresh print shirt. Formidable prints like large florals and impactful geos will turn the volume to up to 11 on your going out wardrobe.

Because we’ve got your back for every special occasion, our prints are designed exclusively by us, for you. Above all, only small runs are available on our print shirts. This makes sure that your signature style, will always be a stand out.

Black Tuxedo White Shirt Black Bow Tie - Politix

Hot date on the cards? Go for gold with a shirt featuring high finish fabrics. The glossy sheen transforms your average black shirt for men into sharp first impressions.

To make sure you’re striding sharp from dusk till dawn, look for mens slim fit shirts with elastane stretch. That added flexibility means you’re moving smooth and ready for wherever the night may take you.

Be the best dressed guest

The beauty of mens floral shirts is that they effortlessly wingman both tailored and tux looks. The key to keeping it event-worthy is ditching the chunky work shoes and showy belts. Instead, opt for a slimmer profile dress shoe and sleek leather belt for that fresh modern look.

Pro Tip: invest in a reversible leather belt. It’ll match all your formal shoes, with one very slick accessory.

Get in the lead for racing season

Spring racing carnival, Polo in the city. When the style stakes are high, it’s prime time for big print shirts. Go all in with your accessories and you’ll be backing a winner.




Whether you’re a lucky groom or best dressed guest, when the occasion calls for luxe you’ll want a shirt that can deliver maximum impact with minimal effort.

A crisp white shirt for men lays the sharp foundations to not only a stylish wardrobe, but one heck of a memorable night too. Expert fits and a hint of stretch deliver effortless wear. But it’s all in the detail that delivers a look to remember.

Look good, feel good, this is your time to shine.

Black Tuxedo White Shirt Black Bow Tie - Politix

A great white shirt for men keeps it classy, not classic.

The ‘classic’ plain white shirt is like the friendzone of black tie attire. They’re not all that interesting.

We’re all about those classy formal shirt detail that’s fit for the modern guy. Whether you’re walking down the aisle or the red carpet, these are the finer points that’ll ensure you never look the same as someone else:

Cool texture

Upgrade traditional formal shirt features like bib fronts with cool textures and interesting patterns. Try something new for the season to spice up formal shirts for men.

Ready cuff links

The ace up your sleeve that’ll get them staring. Our french cuffed shirts come ready to rock with cufflinks. All you have to do is go order another martini.

Rogue trims

Inner collar sateen trims lets you break free from the black tie formalities without losing the stylish interest.

Style infused collar

A fused collar is the wingman for your ties and bow ties. Regardless of skinny tie or a boss fat knot, this collar stays right on point.

Groom day pro tip: double up your shirts

Your big day really is a big day! The altar ceremony, dash for photos, dancefloor reception, the retreat to the honeymoon does a groom stride it sharp the whole way?

We have a simple trick: get two of the same shirt. Just slip into the fresh new shirt in between drinks.


Shaken not stirred. This is the ultimate way to style formal shirts for men:

Luxe shirt + statement jacket, this is the killer 007 combo for formals, VIP events, cocktail parties and anywhere you damn please.

Pop the champagne and celebrate with our black tie suits. Touchable velvets, modern tuxedo jackets and slimline tailored pants. These are the winning pieces that will turn heads for all the right reasons.



The Laidback Luxe Shirt

Make a splash with your casual wardrobe. These are the cool shirts for men that kick back for luxe weekends and poolside vacation vibes.

Why save the best only for events? Give your off duty moments the first class treatment with an effortlessly laid back shirt. The key here are fabrics that will keep it fresh for beach days and slick for Havana club nights. Lightweight linens, textured cottons and added stretch make casual shirts for men a total breeze.

3 ways to go laidback and luxe:

1. Roll Up Sleeves

Ready for whatever the weekend brings. Roll up sleeve tabs and contrast inner cuffs bring the unexpected to mens button up shirts.


2. Short Sleeve Shirts

Everything you love about our mens dress shirts, now in a short sleeve version. Get the expert fits and attention to detail for a cool casual shirt you’ll love.


3. Tee + Shirts

Why not have both? Pair a crew tee under your button down shirt for relaxed layers. Whether you stride it with denim, chinos or tailored pants, it’s all good.

Never want the weekend to end

Channel those laidback vibes into your work week wardrobe. Take the stress out of office tailoring by pairing relaxed prints or short sleeve shirts with a blazer and chino combo. Plus, the luxe fabrics of these casual shirts make for some very comfy times in the office.