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Friday 7 March 2020

Your must-have accessories for the chilly season.

Winter dressing is all about layers. You have to think of yourself as a very fashionable onion: a shirt, wrapped in knitwear, wrapped in a light jacket, wrapped in an overcoat. It’s one of the reasons a lot of guys like dressing for winter – there's more scope to get creative. Plus, who doesn't love walking around town in a brand new overcoat? That's what we're diving into here. Winter essentials.

The accessories and layer-options that will get you through the chilly season. Generally you want two or three coats and jackets on rotation, depending on the weather, and a good selection of knitwear to layer underneath. Think about scarves and gloves too: you might have some hardcore ski mittens in the cupboard, but they probably won’t look great with your tri-colour knit blazer and matching chinos…



The top coat

The first thing you'll need is a well-made wool blend coat. You can wear these around the office or out on the town: they're pretty flexible. The key colours to watch out for are tans, greys, navy and houndstooth (for that more textured, old-school look). Check out the details too: most of our coats are slim-fit, with notched lapels and a more tapered silhouette. It might be cold, but that doesn't mean you have to dress like a soufflé.



Knits are back

We've extended our knitwear collection with new colours, shapes and styles, so you’ve got plenty of options. Start with a seasonal roll-neck jumper. They work well under a suit jacket (for the more relaxed, modern office) or with a basic polo and jeans (for that cheeky weekend roadtrip). Every guy should have a couple of knit hoodies in his arsenal, too. Just keep an eye on the fit: you want slim and tapered, nice and snug across the shoulders.



Jackets all 'round

Mens Jackets - Politix Mens Jackets - Politix

There's something kind of addictive about coats and jackets. They keep you warm, they look great without much effort, and you can layer them over pretty much anything. This winter we’ve launched a few new styles to expand your wardrobe. The first is the quilted nylon jacket, which you can get in a vest and biker. The second is our ever-reliable peacoat, which comes in tan, navy, black and grey.



Denim decisions

Pulling your old jeans from their summer hibernation? It might be time to think about an upgrade. There’s a few new colours this year, so you can get everything from washed indigo to pitch black. We’ve also introduced the super-soft stretch denim range: look out for seasonal colours like stone, grey, burgundy and deep blue. And remember, all our denim is made using cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative, which means it’s responsibly grown and sustainably sourced.

The Better Cotton Initiative supports millions of cotton farmers all over the world, teaching them smarter and more sustainable practices, helping to minimize cotton’s impact on the environment. When you buy POLITIX jeans, you’re supporting a better cotton industry. And that’s a pretty good thing.



Don't forget your scarf

If there's one winter accessory every guy needs, it's a woolen scarf. It'll be your best mate when the mercury drops. Now when it comes to picking a scarf, think about your jackets and layers. The colours need to complement one another. Black scarves are flexible, but they can look a bit severe: stick to charcoal greys, deep blues, greys and tans. Wear it loose and comfortable – it's not a necktie.