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Friday 27 January 2023



Meet the fits for everybody

No two bodies are the same. Your height, your build, the length of your torso and your legs – they all vary from man to man. So naturally, we’re not all going to be able to fit into the same suit cut. And you don’t have to, either. 


We’ve crafted three different types of suit fits for anybody. Tailored to frame all sorts of physiques – so whenever you suit up and step out, you can be sure you’re doing so in a fit that feels exactly how it should be. 


It’s time to meet the fits – regular, slim and ultra slim. 



How to find your perfect suit fit

The Regular Fit Suit
Collage of model wearing our Regular Fit SuitCollage of model wearing our Regular Fit Suit

What’s a regular fit suit? 

A classic fit for a reason. We’ve crafted our Regular style so that as many men as possible could find a suit that sits just right. 


It’s wider and roomier through the shoulder, chest and waist, with the pants sitting at the waist with a relaxed fit through the hips and thighs and a straight leg opening.  


What’s the perfect fit for a suit? 

It comes down to your build. Regular fit suits, for instance, make the ideal match for anyone with a broader build.  If the Slim or Ultra Slim styles aren’t fitting quite right for your body shape, the Regular fit has you covered.  


How should a regular suit fit you? 

The Regular fit suit should sit with a little more room through the entire suit. The jacket’s a little longer – and the pant leg falls in a straighter cut than its Slim or Ultra Slim counterparts. 

The Slim Fit
Collage of model wearing our Slim Fit SuitCollage of model wearing our Slim Fit Suit

What’s a slim fit suit? 

The fit we’re most known for. The kind that’s crafted to boost your confidence while hitting all the right style marks. 


Our slim fit follows a man’s natural body shape with little excess fabric – for a drape that’s more streamlined and flattering. 


How should a slim fit suit fit? 

It’s a contemporary cut designed to be narrower through the shoulders and chest, with a tapered waist. A slim cut through the hips and thigh keeps the pants narrower down the leg, too. 


Who should wear a slim fit suit? 

While the name’s Slim, this is a fit that brings out the best in more than the one body type. Whether you’re a slighter build or an average build, this suit cuts a flattering shape every time. 


Is the slim fit still in style? 

In short – if it fits correctly, the slim fit won’t ever go out of style. That applies to the ultra slim fit too. The days of suits clinging to your body are well and truly behind us, but if you pick the right fit and have it tailored to bring out your best, you’ll be cutting a sharp, masculine physique that’s timeless. 


Are slim suits uncomfortable? 

Only if they’re not sized properly. A slim suit, while narrower on your body, should still have enough room for you to move comfortably. If it’s too restrictive, you should consider sizing up. 

The Ultra Slim Fit
Collage of model wearing our black Ultra Slim Fit SuitCollage of model wearing our black Ultra Slim Fit Suit

What’s an ultra slim fit? 

Fashion forward. Fresh. Fits like a glove. The Ultra Slim fit features little to no excess fabric and sharp lines, for a stylish shape. The lapels and pocket tabs tend to be narrower – and the trousers are tapered into a skinny leg line.   


How should an ultra slim suit fit? 

This fit sits closer to the body – narrow through the chest, with a shorter length for the jacket. It’s extra slim through the hips and thighs and lower through the front and back rise of the pants – with the narrowest opening at the hem too. 


Who should wear an ultra slim suit? 

It’s a sleek fit that’s perfect for men with a leaner frame, or anyone looking to show up on-trend and precisely-tailored.  


Should you size up in an ultra slim suit? 

Your suit should drape off the body, rather than clinging to it. Just make sure you don’t go too large – otherwise the fabric will bunch on your body and your suit will lose its natural shape. 


Fits for everybody

Black and white image of three different models wearing three different POLITIX fit suits Black and white image of three different models wearing three different POLITIX fit suits

Between Regular, Slim, and Ultra Slim, there’s a fit for every man. And if you need some extra know-how when it comes to finding yours, the POLITIX in-store team are on-hand to help. Just head to your nearest store and they’ll help match you with the fit that to suit your physique. 


Ready to find your fit? 

How to choose your size 

Finding the right size suit is a must for nailing the fit. You should be aiming for jackets and pants that drape on your body, rather than clinging or wrapping around it. The guide below will give you a clearer sense of the measurements behind our sizes – so you know exactly where to start when you’re getting to know our fits. 

Close up detail shot of suit jacket and shirt

How To Fit A Jacket

Start with the shoulders. If they’re sitting well, you’ve got a great base for the entire fit. As a general rule, the shoulder of the jacket should extend just beyond the edge of the wearer’s actual shoulder. If the sleeves are rippling, size up. If the seam sags on the shoulder and there’s bulking on the neck, size down. 

The perfect jacket sleeve should sit comfortably along the arm without bunching at the elbows. Try to let 2cm of the shirt show out the end. As for the waist and length? You want it to sit flat against your chest – so that if you put your hand inside it doesn’t feel too tight or too roomy. And the length of the jacket should just barely cover your backside.  


find your jacket size
Black and white close up of the pants of a suit

How to Fit Pants

How do you know you’ve got the waist fit right? If the pants can be worn without a belt (although we do recommend completing the look with one). On the back side, the seat should fit smoothly across your rear with very few ripples. Getting the length just right is a must – so that the pant leg ‘breaks’, or folds, slightly over the back of the shoe. 

find your pant size