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Thursday 11th August 2022


The Man Behind the Jacket 

Featuring Father's Jack Crisp (AFL Football Player), The Real Dads Of Melbourne and POLITIX Team Members

Dad, Senior, Pop, Legend - this Father’s Day, we explore the man behind the jacket.

Celebrating all father figures, we invited POLITIX friends and staff to share the man behind the jacket - showing a real-life family man in action. We hear their parental aspirations, favourite memories and the moments that matter most to them throughout fatherhood.



Jack Crisp

AFL Collingwood Footballer


When he’s not kicking goals, AFL Collingwood footballer Jack Crisp is busy belting out Disney favourites from Encanto and Taylor Swift hits with his two young daughters, Sloane and Lilah, and he couldn’t be happier. As a young father, Jack looks up to his old man as his parenting role model. “He’s the one that taught me about family first, and I didn’t learn to appreciate it as much until I had my own family,” Jack explains.

“My kids have definitely brightened up my life and I love them to bits.” When it comes to fashion, Jack admits he’s a little lost at times. “In my first few years playing for the Brisbane Lions, I won the award for ‘Worst Fashion’, two years in a row,” he laughs. “My wife Mikayla never lets me forget that, and she mostly picks my outfits now. But POLITIX is great – they’re the best clothes I’ve ever worn. A huge step up from my faded shirts and jeans.”

Jack Crisp for POLITIX Man Behind The Jacket Jack Crisp for POLITIX Man Behind The Jacket


Jarrad and Michael

Real Dads of Melbourne


Ever since Jarrad and Michael Duggan-Tierney became proud fathers to their son, Reid, they’ve been enamoured with the joy that he’s brought to their lives. “I remember the first moment we became parents – it was definitely the most exciting part of our lives,” Jarrad recalls. 

“The moment they came through holding a little bundle – that was the most amazing time in our lives, to that exact second.” “When someone stops you on the street and says, ‘Gee, he’s a really lovely kid’, it just warms you on the inside,” Michael adds. “We’re both super proud of him.”

Real Dads of Melbourne for POLITIX Man Behind The Jacket Real Dads of Melbourne for POLITIX Man Behind The Jacket


Paul Burden

POLITIX Head of Design


 As a father of three, Wilfrid, Dilys and Ida, Paul is a seasoned dad – but his most memorable experience with his family took place only recently. “I missed out on seeing Wilf & Dilys with over two and half years of international lockdown – the last time we were all together was in Christmas, 2019,” he says. “To finally reunite as a family was just so special. I had tears in my eyes. There’s really nothing like the love you have for your kids, and that feeling never wanes. Whether they are four or nineteen years old. It’s there all the time.” 

As POLITIX’s Head of Design, Paul sometimes applies his vast experience to help style his kids. “I recently made a dress for my daughter Ida,” he explains. “It was upcycled from old Politix shirts I no longer wear– and is her favourite dress at the moment. Outside of work I prefer to wear understated timeless pieces investing in quality over quantity, such as slim-cut denim jeans, a well fitted t-shirt and quality sneakers”.

Paul Burden for POLITIX Man Behind The Jacket Paul Burden for POLITIX Man Behind The Jacket


Ashley Pallany

POLITIX Store Manager


Ashley is the well-loved manager of POLITIX's Eastland store, and he’s also a dad to three daughters, Shamika, Indiya-Rose and Isabella. To celebrate Father’s Day, Ashley’s top tip to all fathers and fathers-to-be is to be there for your kids through thick and thin. “Being present to listen and engage with your children is so, so important,” Ashley says. “Especially today in the world of social media. It’s even more important now than ever to reiterate to your child how important and special they are.” 

To brave winter, Ashley looks to knitwear and overcoats, plus a comfy scarf to round things off. “Men’s fashion has evolved so much over the decades, and POLITIX has been setting the benchmark since 1975,” he says. “They have amazing cuts, styles and designs that set itself apart from any other brand in men’s fashion. Whether we’re suiting up adults or teenagers, our customers love the customer experience instore and always walk out with a smile on their face.”

Ashley Pallany for POLITIX Man Behind The Jacket Ashley Pallany for POLITIX Man Behind The Jacket

Father's Day gift guide

Whether you're buying something for dad or for yourself, step up your style with our favourite picks this Father’s Day.

POLITIX Father's Day Gift Guide Model wearing POLITIX winter jackets
POLITIX Father's Day Gift Guide Model wearing POLITIX winter jackets