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Sweat Suits For Men - Your Go To Styles

Thursday 8 April 2021

By Brad Mclennan, Designer

Introducing: Loungewear

model wearing grey mens sweatsuit model wearing grey mens sweatsuit

Fleece fabric has been a staple in every guy's wardrobe forever. But that doesn’t mean you should be chucking on an ill-fitting, overstretched and faded jumper every time you run down the shops.
It’s hard to believe, but fleece has actually become cool. Once reserved for the outdoors and kids, today it’s worn by models, celebs and influencers.
This winter, we’ve created a new leisurewear collection that looks just as good with chinos and a denim trucker as it does lounging on the couch. There should never be a compromise on style when it comes to comfort, so we’ve designed a fabric that gives you both.
Our new range is woven from a smooth, interlock fabric, which has a dense weave and a slight sheen to the surface. It holds its shape and will keep you looking street smart from couch to coffee.
Check out our go-to sweats shapes below. They look good, they wear good, and they feel good.



Fleece crewneck mens sweatshirt

Fleece crewneck mens sweatshirts in black Fleece crewneck mens sweatshirts in black

The Crew Neck Fleece is probably your most versatile piece of leisurewear kit. Available in staple colours like black, navy, grey marle and a light khaki, there’s a shade to suit everyone.
We’ve made sure that details aren’t overlooked in the crew neck style. The chest logo print and striped rib detail are just enough to take this guy from run-of-the-mill-to stand-out.
We’ve also added a boucle heritage logo design, coming in a black colourway. We know you love Politix as much as we do, so this is your chance to wear it loud and wear it proud.
Match this fleece crew with a denim trucker and casual chino for a weekend vibe that looks just as good as it feels.



Textured Sweatshirt Bomber Jacket

Mens Loungewear Politix Sweats

If you don’t have a cotton bomber in your wardrobe already, prepare to have your mind blown.
The bomber is such an easy shape in menswear that we couldn’t resist chucking one into our leisurewear range. This bomber is a little different, though. Not only is it made from our new interlock fleece, but we’ve also added a textured jacquard design. It’s not quite a dress jacket, but it’s not a basic fleece either.
Pair this guy with fleece pants for a look that screams elevated sportswear, or dress it up with jeans and a tee for that casual, James Dean kind of vibe.
Our textured bomber also comes with a two-way zipper, which makes it really easy to layer with jackets and tees. This also creates an illusion of height, if you leave it undone at the top and bottom.

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The Pullover Hoodie.

navy hoodie navy hoodie

We couldn’t go past the pullover hoodie. Relaxed styling isn’t complete without that scrunched fall of hood around your neck. It's also damn good if there’s a chill in the air.
This hoodie is made from the custom interlock fabric we’re currently obsessed with, and it’s also got that ‘signature leisurewear’ look, with its striped hem detail and contrast drawstring. Like most hoodies, it’s a great layering piece that can be thrown under denim truckers, utility jackets or overcoats.
If you really want to up the streetwear inspo, try this guy with a tonal blazer and finish the look with a clean pair of athleisure sneakers.
We’ve kept the colours simple this season: grey marle and navy. Everything you need to build a collection of basic sweats.



The Zip Through Hoodie.

The best thing about fleece is obviously its warmth. Despite being so lightweight, that mix of cotton and polyester gives it a soft, textured feel, and helps with heat retention and moisture resistance. Air pockets get trapped between the fibres, which means the heat generated by your body stays put. Like a big, warm hug.
We’ve also included a classic Zip Through Hoodie in the collection this winter. Heavily influenced by the sportswear trend, with double zips, panel detailing in the body and the hood, it’s a standout piece for the fleece range.
Our style suggestion is to go tonal and let the panel detailing do all the work. When it comes to hoodies, keep things simple.



Fleece Mens Track Pants

model in grey mens loungewear bottom

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got trackpants. Known for being ugly, daggy, boring and, well, just something you shouldn’t wear out of the house. But not anymore.
Our track pants are cut slim, just like your chinos, so it tapers and hugs your leg.
With their pin-stitch detailing down the front, leg zips and a thick rib waistband, you’re definitely allowed to wear these in public. Our track pants look good in a tonal fleece outfit, or you can throw on a jacket and cap for an easy weekend vibe.
Think of these guys as a hybrid. We spent a lot of time on this design, working out how to blend the sharp fit of outerwear and the comfort of fleece.
What you’re left with is track pants that don’t look like anything else on the market. You won’t want to take them off, and your partner won’t have to pretend they don’t know you in public. Win/win.

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Brad Mclennan, Designer

Bradley Mclennan has been with POLITIX for 5 years as a designer, and has over 11 years' experience across womenswear, everyday brands and streetwear. He has always been fascinated with how a creative outlook affects people's lives. A great song. An inspired building. Brad love's to push the boundaries. He's the guy injecting colour and pushing the team to be bold. Bringing the whole thing together with an insane attention to detail.