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Just Landed: New Season Suits


Wednesday 29th June 2022

Picking a suit for the seasons isn’t about chasing trends – it's about expressing your own style and personality through the way you dress. This season, we’ve refreshed our winter and trans-seasonal suits with fresh colour treatments and bold new pieces 

that’ll help you turn up the heat, wherever you go. We’ve also picked out some tips, tricks and trends we’ve spotted over the past few seasons, so you can be sure you’re in good hands. Let’s get started.



Find your fit

Model wearing black POLITIX regular fit suit, white shirt and paisley tie standing in front of a white background

The fit is arguably the most important aspect of a suit. It accentuates your style, increases comfort and most importantly, separates a daggy look from a tailored one. It’s crucial to find a suit that matches your body shape. At Politix, we have three styles on offer: Regular, Slim and Ultra Slim. 

Regular suit jackets are wider through the shoulders, while the pants offer more breathing room for the waist, hip and thigh. They’re a perfect choice for men with stockier builds or broader shoulders. If you’re looking for a more tailored approach, you can’t go wrong with either a Slim or Ultra Slim fit. These cuts hug the body more closely and have a sharper trouser taper, presenting a more flattering silhouette.  

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Pick a tone that shouts you

Model standing in front of a green wall background wearing POLITIx White windowpane suit with burgundy button up shirt Model standing in front of a green wall background wearing POLITIx White windowpane suit with burgundy button up shirt

It's all about lighter suit colours this season. Lighter-coloured suits are incredibly versatile, and work well with a variety of skin tones. Here’s a general rule of thumb when it comes to picking suit colours: if you have a lighter skin tone, base your outfit around darker shades. Conversely, if you have a darker complexion, try a lighter hue to match. 
This isn’t to say your suit choice is limited to your skin tone – you've got accessories, shirts, patterns and more to help you achieve your own unique style. Transform the look of a lighter jacket with a dark tie and pocket square, or play around with pale windowpane checks on a darker suit – the choice is yours. 



Make your mark with a knitted blazer

Model standing in front of green background wall wearing Claret Knitted Blazer, Burgundy polo and Navy Chinos

If you’re looking to add some extra intrigue and texture to your outfit this season, think about adding a knitted blazer to your rotation. Our knitted blazers are blended with elastane for enhanced stretch and feel, and features a unique two-tone look that easily steals the show, wherever you go. 
While our knitted blazers come in an array of colours, we recommend trying a shade of dark forest or claret this season. Dress them up with a pair of matching trousers or reach for a pair of chinos for less formal events. 

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Don’t forget about your pants 

Collage of POLITIX pants: Rourke Tailored Suit Pant, Loggans Tailored Suit Pant and Trevon Tailored Suit Pant Collage of POLITIX pants: Rourke Tailored Suit Pant, Loggans Tailored Suit Pant and Trevon Tailored Suit Pant

Wider-cut suit pants have been trending for the past few seasons, and for good reason. Some of our new pants this season are designed with front pleats, side adjusters and a new tapered leg design, making them one of our most comfortable and versatile pants yet.

Front pleats (the gathered folds of fabric below the waist) offer more room for the thighs and hips without ballooning outwards. They’re great for men who have more muscular lower bodies, or those who simply prefer a roomier fit. 
Side adjusters are small attachments on the side of the trousers that let you modify the width of the waistband, so you can easily find your perfect fit. Lastly, our new tapered leg cut accentuates the definition of your lower body while not compromising on comfort. 



Put your vest foot forward

Model wearing three piece with vest POLITIX suit Chocolate

Vests make a suave addition to any wardrobe, and they’ve also made a huge comeback in recent fashion trends. Whether they’re a statement piece or an accessory layer, it’s hard to replicate the sharp look they bring to runways and fashion influencers alike. The beauty about vests is their versatility – you can wear them as part of a three-piece suit for formal events, or simply as an outer layer for more casual occasions.

Thinking about adding a touch of class to your wardrobe? Try a shade of khaki or toffee – these trans-seasonal shades play well with a wide variety of colours. Simply mix and match with your shirt, tie and bottoms to achieve the look you want. 

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