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Friday 7 March 2020

How to stay sharp this winter.

Winter dressing is all about layers. You have to think of yourself as a very fashionable onion: a shirt, wrapped in knitwear, wrapped in a light jacket, wrapped in an overcoat. It’s one of the reasons a lot of guys like dressing for winter – there's more scope to get creative. Plus, who doesn't love walking around town in a brand new overcoat? That's what we're diving into here. Winter essentials.

The accessories and layer-options that will get you through the chilly season. Generally you want two or three coats and jackets on rotation, depending on the weather, and a good selection of knitwear to layer underneath. Think about scarves and gloves too: you might have some hardcore ski mittens in the cupboard, but they probably won’t look great with your tri-colour knit blazer and matching chinos…



Styled For: Anywhere simply means dressing for any occasion. When you open your wardrobe, there should be something in there for winter weddings (yep, they do happen), the office 9-to-5, after work drinks with the guys, and maybe a weekend road trip. Honestly, that's all you need.

This winter, we're looking at a few broad, overarching trends. The first is Modern Retro – an after-dark spin on 1960s formal style. Then we've got our two workwear collections, Power Dressing and Modern Office. One's all about heritage swagger, the other's a bit more casual. And finally we've got The Adventurer: everything you need for that country distillery 'research' session.



If you're trying to picture 'Modern Retro', imagine late-night karaoke – but the classy kind. We're taking inspiration from the smoke-riddled detective shows of the 1960s (the one's with dames, cigars and lots of thin lapels).

Sleek, sharp suits and tuxedos are your go-to here, along with roll neck woollen jumpers and silk neck ties. Make sure to explore our new black tie range, too. We’re introducing our first knitted yarn tuxedo, a snazzy woven Jacquard tux, and (our personal favourite) a double-breasted black velvet tuxedo with a satin peak lapel.



Office wear comes in two speeds this winter, and the first is Power Dressing. Think heritage fabrics like Prince of Wales, houndstooth and glen check – but with sharper lines and a modern twist.

The trick with this look is just to own it. Confidence is going to go a long way, especially when you're rocking a three-piece houndstooth suit and matching overcoat. We've also brought back something extra special: the 1980s chalk pin-stripe navy suit. You can wear these with a simple white shirt.



If your workplace isn't exactly the Mad-Men-and-scotch corporate variety, check out Modern Office. It's our more contemporary, casual workwear collection. Professional attire… without the starch.

The trick with this look is matching suit separates and accessories together. Start with a tri-colour knitblazer (something smart and approachable), then dress it down with slim-fit denim jeans, dark chinos or a roll neck jumper. Have a peak on the inside, too: all our jacket linings are made from 100% recycled polyester, and we've carefully matched them to the pocket chief and lapel pin. It’s the little things.



The weekend's here (finally) and you want to hit 
the road with the guys. Nice stuff. But have you looked at the forecast? They're predicting polar bears. For times like this, you need our new winter casual range.

Winter essentials are all about layering. You need a good shirt, a solid knit jumper and scarf, and a quality coat to keep out the cold. The key colours this year are going to be tan, navy, grey and houndstooth (for that slightly dressier look). Just make sure you’re picking colours and textures that work well together. You want three to four layers max: any more and you’re technically an onion.




There are so many misconceptions around black tie. Yeah sure, we've got a new double-breasted black velvet tux with satin peak lapels, but that’s the extreme option. You can also get away with four-pocket utility jackets and classic bombers (as long as they’re in luxe material). Look for subtle burn out fabrics too, like leopard print, florals and paisley.



In some ways, winter suiting is a bit easier (you don’t have to worry about sweating into your new three piece ensemble, for one thing). Classic blue suits are back this season, with petrol being the key colour trend. Checks will be popular too, with accent colours of tan and burgundy running through the range. Just pick your accessories to match.

Checks will be popular too with accent colours of tan and burgundy running through the range. Just pick,




If you don’t need the full three-piece suit, think about our tri-colour knit blazer range. They’re comfortable, flexible, and they look good with a quarterly report or a dry martini.

The big trends this year are seasonal checks, houndstooth and Prince of Wales (for that nice, heritage texture). Just match your blazer with some check suit pants and you’re good to go.




There are a few ways you can go when it comes to coats. Our wool blend overcoats are great for work or weekend wear, and they come in a variety of colours and textures, like tan, navy, grey and houndstooth.